Vip Incentives - Christmas

The best and easiest way to manage Christmas presents for your company

A portal that allows employees to choose and receive their gift with flexibly.

Exclusive catalog of premium brands

Among many others…


Give flexibility e freedom each employee to select the offer that best suits their needs. their needs.


Take all control over the budget andeliminate superfluous expenses paying only for redeemed gifts.

Eliminate the administrative and logistical burden from management teams.



Personalized portal with your company’s corporate image, including automated communications.


Choose the terminology of the points, their validity, and the value of their conversion into euros.


The platform is available in 8 languages.

Web and App access

Access from any device. Exclusive app available on the App Store and Google Play.

Catalog of offers

Create your tailor-made catalog with offers of different prices and types: baskets, products, or digital vouchers.


Assign the same number of points to all employees or divide them into groups.


The user can select the present according to different criteria and visualize and control all movements.


We’ll handle the logistics so your employee receives their gift wherever they want: at home or in the office.

KPI's Dashboard

Real-time access to portal usage statistics: most chosen gifts, etc. Allows you to visualize and control the performance of the action, as well as the budget.

Reinvent the relationship with your employees!

Simplify your management and offer the perfect Christmas gift to your employees.

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